Pic Adrian Rumanian, 1910-2008


Pic Adrian is born on 3 September in Moinesti, Romania. This Moldavian town was also the birthplace, fourteen years previously, of Tristan Tzara, whose family used to visit the Adrian family.



The Adrian family moves to Bucharest, where he attends primary and secondary schools, subsequently going on to study Law at Bucharest University. After graduating he practices as a lawyer for several years and also takes up poetry and painting.



He publishes his first poems.



Travels to Paris and Italy, indefatigably visiting museums and art galleries.


1940-44 Wartime in Romania under nazi rule



He marries Alice, who had studied music at the Bucharest Conservatoire (and would later study sociology in Barcelona).



Travels to Venice to meet Marc Chagall. Later, in Paris, he meets Léger, Arp and Brancusi. Frequent visits to Brancusi's studio in the Impasse Ronsin and numerous conversations with him.

Moves to Barcelona but often goes to Paris. "I am only an hour away by plane or a night by train." His painting is figurative, though aiming for simplification of forms. (Les personnages; La mère; Le chat; La femme-mer).



Publication of his essay Réflexions sur l'univers sonora, in which he studies musical sounds in relation to light and colour.

Conversations with the physicist Albert Schweitzer in Gunsbach, Alsace.



Birth of his daughter Mònica. He meets Antoine Pevsner and writes an article on his work. This year marks the transition from his figurative period to abstract art.



Introduces the sentient line in his paintings and produces a series of reliefs in wood on canvas.



Exhibits 28 oil paintings and various reliefs at Galeria Syra, Barcelona.



Takes part in the group exhibition Pintores extranjeros at the Palau de la Virreina, Barcelona.

Exhibits at the Galerie de France, Paris



Takes part in the VIII Salón de Mayo, Barcelona.

Exhibits 30 works, including several large-scale pieces, at Galería Neblí, Madrid.



Solo exhibition at Galerie Raymonde Cazenave, Paris.

Publishes Du Réalisme Naturaliste au Réalisme Essentialiste (Arted, Paris).

Meets Lucio Fontana in Milan.



Organises the first Tendencia Esencialista group exhibiton a the Institute of North-American Studies in Barcelona, exemplifying his theories with works by Faber, Hernández Pijuan, Tharrats and some of his own pieces.



Group exhibition at the Maison de  Culture, La Havre.

Takes part in the Comparaisons Salon at the Musée d'Art Modern de la Ville de Paris.

Takes part in the Neue Malerei aus Paris exhibition, Schwäbisch Gmünd Museum.

Takes part in the Vingt peintres exhibition, which remains open throughout the summer at the Galerie Paul Facchetti, Paris, with Michaux, Sam Francis, Matthieu and Dubuffet, amongst others.

Solo exhibtion at Ateneo, Madrid.



Takes part in the international group exhibition at Galeria Refugi d'Art, Barcelona.

Organises the second Tendencia Esencialista group exhibiton in Madrid, with over 50 works by 10 artists.

Exhibits his Synchronicité series at Galerie Raymonde Cazenave, Paris, presented by Pierre Restany.



Takes part in the Exposición Nacional de Arte Contemporáneo, Madrid.

Solo exhibition at Galeria Ivan Spence, Ibiza.

Publishes a series of 10 screenprints in Turin, entitled 10 condizione lineari di segnaletica aleatoria, with text and poem by Carlo Belloli.

Tha Catalan composer J. M. Mestres Quadreny writes Variaciones essencisals, a musical composition inspired by Adrian's paintings, particularly the Synchronicité series.



Takes part in the Forma y Poema Salon at the Institute of North-American Studies, Barcelona, in which each artist shows a picture related to a particular poem.

Publication of his treatise Essentialisme et Pop dans l'Art Actuel.

Publishes a folder with five screenprints and a text titled Sincronías.



Solo exhibition at Galerie Montjoie, Brussels.

Group exhibition to commemorate the Bertrand Russell centenary at Rotunda Gallery, London.



Publishes his Art Principiel manifesto to complete his Essentialist theory.

Exhibits the first examples of Principle Art at the French Institue, Barcelona.

Exhibits at Galerie Suzanne Egloff, Basel.



Starts working on a series of reliefs in wood on canvas.

Solo exhibition at galerie Raymonde Cazenave, Paris.

Solo exhibition at Galleria Vismara, Milan, presented by Gillo Dorfles.

Starts working on the Agua primaria series.

Solo exhibition at Galeria Ovidio, Madrid



The Oxford magazine Leonardo an article on his work.

His L'Entité Art-Actuel is published by Arted, Paris

Publication of the Spanish and English editions of Art Principiel.



Publication of a monograph by Pierre Restany (Le Musée de Poche).



Publication of his treatise Le Continuum terrestre humain (La Pensée Universelle, Paris).

Solo exhibition at Galerie Suzanne Egloff, Basel.

Solo exhibition at Galerie Henry Meyer, Lausanne.



Solo exhibition at Fundació Miró, Barcelona.

Travels to New York, where he meets a numebr of Conceptual artists.



Publishes the Segundo Manifiesto del Arte Pricipial.



Solo exhibition at Galeria Ciento, Barcelona.

Takes part in the group exhibition Libros de artista, Galeria Metrònom, Barcelona.

Travels to Berkeley, California.



Starts working on a series of reliefs in painted wood.

Publishes Occident-Orient, second book of Principle Art.

Spends Spring in the United States.

Takes part in the Libros de artista group exhibition organised by the Ministerio de Cuktura at the Sala Picasso, Madrid.



Solo exhibition at the Henie-Onstad Art Center, Havikodden (Norway).

Spends Spring in the United States.



Solo exhibition at Galerie Brigitte March, Stuttgart.

Takes part in the group exhibition Die Musik in der Kunst des 20 Jahrhunderts, Staatsgalerie Stuttgart.



Solo exhibition at Artifact Gallery, Tel Aviv.



Solo exhibition at Galeria Artual, Barcelona.

Features in the permament collection of the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam.



Anthological exhibition Pic Adrian, organised by the Generalitat de Catalunya at the Salas BBV, Barcelona.



Solo exhibtion at IVAM, Valencia.



Takes part in the group exhibition Pintura dels Setanta, superficie/color, MACBA, Barcelona



Takes part in the group exhibition Temps com a matèria, MACBA, Barcelona and Museo de Belles Artes, Granada.



Group show La sombra del habla. Obras de la col·lecció MACBA, Seoul Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul.



Group show Abstracción y movimiento, Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo, Sevilla



Solo exhibition Art Principiel, l'Essèncialisme de Pic Adrian, Sala d'Exposicions La Caixa, Santa Cristina d'Aro, organised by Richard van der AA.

Group Show Second Beginning 1950-1977, MNAC, Barcelona.



Solo exhibition Pic Adrian Art Principial, Galeria Marlborough, Barcelona



Group show Abstracte, figuratiu, etcètera, GALERIA RICHARD VANDERAA, Girona.



Group show l'Art del descobriment. Segones Avantguardes, GALERIA RICHARD VANDERAA, Girona.



Group show Tardor/Fall 2022, GALERIA RICHARD VANDERAA, Cadaqués.

Solo exhibition Galerie Zlotowski, Paris

Pic Adrian Universo sonoro, Fundación Cristino de Vera, Sant Cristóbal de La Laguna, Tenerife.





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